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About Me 
My name is Mario Del Valle of Da-Mans Fitness, I am CPR/Medic First Certified and hold certifications in multiple areas of fitness (please see the list below.) I am happily married to my wife Angelica, whom I am blessed to share my love of life, health, and fitness with.  I am a father of nine (9) Kids and a Grandfather of 24 and a Great Grandfather of 3
Nutrition and exercise are truly the essentials of happiness. It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to teach others about these areas. My non-traditional workouts are designed for the beginner, novice to intermediate, and those who are advanced. I strive to ensure that no one ever feels out of place and can easily achieve his or her dreams with determination, hard work, and a whole lot of sweat! I am not just a trainer; I am a mentor and motivator. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing you have succeeded. I look forward to working with each and every one of you and being able to deliver the best service in this industry. 
-Mario Del Valle

Mario holds the following certifications:
AAAI/ISMA* Master Personal Fitness Trainer
AAAI/ISMA   Life Wellness Coach
AAAI/ISMA   Sports Nutrition Consultant
AAAI/ISMA   Kids & Teen Fitness Instructor
AAAI/ISMA   Strength Conditioning & Weight Training Consultant
AAAI/ISMA   Breast Cancer Wellness Coach
Johnny G Spinning Certification (The premier in the industry)
Reactive Indoor Cycling
Keiser indoor cycling 
“ABC” All Body Cycling”
CPR/Medic First Certified
 *American Aerobic Association International (AAAI)
 *International Sports Medicine Association (ISMA) 
References are available upon request
Mario's Classes:
Fitness Boot Camp 
Fitness boot camps offer individual and group instructional exercise. Whether you need to lose a large amount of weight, enjoy extreme sports, or just want the physical challenge the fitness Boot Camp, can and will provide that and more. My class structure is based upon simple yet effective fundamental movement patterns executed at high intensity. My mission is to help active and inactive adults and children, both the athlete and the non-athlete, improve and/or maintain their fitness level in order to enjoy a high quality of life
 The vision of Da-Man's Fitness is to provide the tools and guidance necessary for each and every client their personal fitness or athletic goals.
Interval Boxing
A knockout workout combining boxing skills and technique with aerobic conditioning. This class will teach participants proper Boxing technique and skills with the use of wraps, and bags. (mandatory) All levels are welcome.
Also known as indoor cycling, provides an intense cardio workout. I will lead you through a challenging series of courses in a way that you remain in control of your own resistance and speed. 
Seasonal & Specialty Classes:
I enjoy using the outside elements as much as possible in my routines. During the I hold weekly boot camps on the beaches of West Haven, runners training at the Hamden High School track, and hiking/boot camps at the Sleeping Giant Park in Hamden.

For a full schedule of the above classes please see the Events Page.
LA Fitness
46 Skiff Street
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Da-Man's Fitness
132 Pepes Farm Rd. unit 6 Milfrord 
Stay Strong, be fit, have fun but above all be safe!
"Training for living - Training with passion”

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